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Intellicig Electronic Cigarette Review

Intellicig ​are the biggest brand of electronic cigarettes in the world, this UK firm export to over 50 countries. If you have tried their newsagent product of a few years ago then you need to try Intellicig 2013 as they are simply in a league of their own. This is a serious ecig for those serious about their health and stopping smoking.

First of all what you need to know is just about all ecigs are made in China, including their eliquid, now this may be fine for electronics or toys, but when you an inhaling eliquid you want to be sure it is made under the strictest pharmaceutical regulations in the UK. Only Intellicig can fit that bill. Also, only Intellicig eliquid contains the far more healthy vegetable glycol as opposed to the man made chemical PG which all other ecigs contain.

The 2013 version of Intellicig uses the very latest state of the art ecig technology, totally rivalled by any other ecig brand. For longevity, but most importantly for the biggest savings of any ecig brand when it comes to comparisons with tobacco cigarettes. This is because, unlike other brands, Intellicig allows you to refill their cartridges with their world beating eco-Pure eliquid, no other brands allows this and hence they are all atleast 30% more expensive in the long run. Furthermore intellicigs eco Pure juice tastes absolutely amazing, far superior to anything else on the market. That is why Intellicig have won our best of the best award for 2013.

Top rated and highly recommended.

Do you want to quit from smoking but you can’t? Quitting from smoking tobacco in many cases is a bit hard but for some they find it easy.

​​With our current technology, lots of companies have come up with a harmless solution or an alternative of smoking tobacco, they have created the so called electronic cigarette.

​​Electronic cigarettes are similar to the conventional cigarettes. They also produce smoke, they also taste like the real cigarette made from tobacco leaves. However, the electronic cigarettes (e-cig) do not produce the same harmful toxic material you get from tobacco. That’s the big difference.

If you want to try using an electronic cigarette, then you should purchase the Intellicig Electronic Cigarette. This type of e-cig is quite handy and will surely make you feel smoking a real tobacco cigarette.

The Intellicig Electronic Cigarette offers you the  following products

1. ​​Starter Kit

It comes with:

• vapour device
• battery
• USB charger
• 5 electronic cigarette refill capsules (approximately 30 cigarettes sticks)​​

2. Starter Plus Kit

​It comes with:

• 2 vapour devices
• 2 batteries
• Mains charger
• USB charger
• 25 refill capsules (approximately 50 cigarettes sticks)

3. Premium Pack

It comes with:
• USB charger
• Mains charger
• 50 electronic cigarette refill capsules (approximately 300 cigarettes sticks)
• Available in three color options - White, Black and Silver

4. Disposable Electronic Cigarette

​It comes with:

• ECOpure E-Liquid


5. Christmas Bundle

It comes with:

• 10 x 10mg Refill Capsules
​containing ECOpure
​(approximately 60 cigarettes sticks)
• 10ml bottle of ECOpure E-liquid with this bundle.
• conveniently-sized Intellicig carry case


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