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We are the leading UK authority on electronic cigarette brands and the best products. From our network and forums we get the best and latest information in electronic cigarettes and host the most user reviews. We are continually testing all the latest products and have no special affiliation with any so we can give you genuine impartial information on which electronic cigarette brands are the best at any given time. We also have unique electronic cigarette discount codes and special offers that no one else has. We have tested every UK ecig brand and Skycigs Freedom Kit is simply the best ecig on the UK market. So if you have tried Skystart, upgrade now!
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E-Lites are one of the most popular electronic cigarette brand in the UK with a great reputation, like the Skycig. the E-Lites performs outstandingly well and taste great, this is an established UK brand..
Electronic Cigarette Reviews UK .
The UK Governments "nudge unit" advises smokers to switch to ecigarettes

The United Kingdoms Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team have advised UK smokers who cannot give us nicotine to change to safer devices such as electronic cigarettes. The governments "nudge unit" which was established to influence public opinion believe the 'quit of die' tactic is not working and that smokers who cannot easily quit should chose a safer alternative such as ecigarettes. The UK government believe others countries are wrong to have banned these products.

Top Rated Electronic cigarette flavours 2013
SKYCIG have the best flavours we have tested so far in 2012 and one of our favourites is the Cherry Delight flavour. This is rich and sweet and yet very satisfying. If you do not think you will like something like this, just give it a try, it will surprise you. The Skycig cherry delight is delicious.

The classic Marlboro flavour from SKYCIG is the most realistic and satisying Marlboro flavour we have reviewed so far in 2012. Very realistic to the original tobacco hit and very satisfying, comes in various strengths and is compatible with many other leading UK brands.
If you feel like trying something different and like the sweet and delicious taste of vanilla then you need to try the SKYCIG version as it is the best we have tested on the market. Very thick and sweet but very satisfying. If you have not tried anything like this before you must give this is a go.
Nucig electronic cigarettes are another good UK brand. They perform well and use VG liquid, you can find them in Chemists.
We have spent alot of time testing all the latest UK electronic cigarette models and the best of the other electronic cigarette brands, the non UK models are V2 Cigs and Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. Skycig was top rated for 2012 and the new Skycig Freedom Kit performs the best yet.
Latest Electronic Cigarette News 2013..

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Latest top UK reviewed electronic cigarette brands 2013
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When it comes to electronic cigarette reviews, here's what every smoker should know. The mist you see coming from electronic cigarettes is an illusion and contains absolutely no smoke, these high-tech devices are the leading edge tool for helping you kick your tobacco habit and e-cigarettes give you full control of your experience by allowing customization and personalization. You're about to learn the many benefits they provide including one that may surprise you.

In reading electronic cigarette reviews, you'll find many people describing them as the newest and most high-tech way to kick your habit and still be able to enjoy a smoke even when and where tobacco smokers can't. It's estimated that 1.3 million smokers successfully kick the tobacco habit every single year and you can too. Now that you have technology on your side, let me show you how you can do things with smokeless cigarettes that you could never do with the old kind.

Electronic cigarettes, regardless of how they look when in operation, emit absolutely no smoke. What you're actually seeing is a vapor that is created when the liquid inside is heated. There's never any fire, just a little heat. This gives you the huge advantage of being able to use them anywhere because smoking bans only apply to tobacco products that produce a flame. This single feature is often listed as the number one benefit in electronic cigarette reviews.

You can completely customize your smoking experience. The device actually uses a liquid to vaporize the nicotine for you. You can chose from dozens of different liquids that let you customize the flavor to you liking and dial in the perfect experience. Additionally, you have complete control over the level of nicotine you receive. And unlike other cigarette alternatives, electronic cigarettes give you the same tactile feel and oral sensation as a real cigarette. No other option can make that claim.

Now that you understand the benefits such as smoking anywhere you want to, choosing a cool high-tech alternative to the others and completely customizing the taste, look and feel of the your experience, you're now educated and prepared to claim your own. You know that the vapor you see isn't from a tobacco fire, you know you'll be choosing a personalized flavor just for you and you'll be using the latest technology to ease you transition. Also, the top features mentioned in electronic cigarette reviews were covered here so you don't have to spend hours doing research. You can now get your personal experience underway and join the new, cool smoking club.

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